Lolligag – “Fright Night” (Animated Short # 3)

Halloween night becomes ‘fright night’ when Lolligag is suddenly awakened by a spooky sound in her bedroom.

Lolligag – “Superstar Party” (Animated Short # 2)

It’s the party of the year…and Lolligag’s invited! Only trouble is, she’s running super late! And she hasn’t even picked out an outfit to wear yet!! Will Lolligag arrive in time to what is sure to be a star-studded super celebration? Or is the party over?

Lolligag – “Dance Fever” (Animated Short # 1)

So you think YOU can dance? So does Lolligag!! Watch her cut a rug as best friend Moot plays DJ in the 1st-ever Lolligag animated short.