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Vive La Lolligag – Blueberry Edition – OUT NOW!

Hot on the heels of last year’s collection of super-cute tees at Target, Bombastic Fantastic is proud to present the second-release version of their Lolligag vinyl art toy—Vive La Lolligag—in a stunning turquoise colorway! See it here!

Already a set piece in Penny’s apartment on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Vive La Lolligag finds Lolligag reimagining herself as Marie Antoinette, complete with an enormous wig and stately gown, lollipop and fan. The set is limited to 250 pieces worldwide and includes Lolligag’s best friend, Moot, as a bonus figure. Perhaps sweetest of all, Lolligag herself is scented like candy.

•6-inch scented vinyl figure

•Mildly articulated arms and head

•Includes 2-sided lollipop and fan

•Bonus “Moot” figure

•Edition of 250