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Lolligag at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra!

The Lolligag Limited Edition T-Shirt is now available at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California.

Known for some of the best Los Angeles-based art shows in recent memory (just check out the recent Bob Peak retrospective), Gallery Nucleus also offers stylish apparel from some best low-brow artists, limited edition vinyl figures and a huge selection of art books. Not to mention original artwork from both well-established artists and some of the best emerging talent on the art scene.

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Lolligag at Black Maria Gallery

The Lolligag Limited Edition T-Shirt is now being sold at Black Maria Gallery/Under the Table in Atwater Village, California just next to Glendale.

Known for showcasing some of today’s best low-brow, pop artists, the Black Maria Gallery’s onsite boutique offers high-end apparel, limited edition vinyl figures and one-of-a-kind original artwork.

Check it out, and pick up a limited edition Lolligag tee before they all disappear.

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Lolligag at Licensing Show 2009

Bright lights, big city and a Hollywood Star!

This week I flew to Las Vegas to take part in the International Licensing Show Expo…and I am sooooooooooo happy to report that the people at the show—both world-known licensees and big-name retailers—really, really liked me!

So what does that mean exactly? It means that it’ll only be a matter of time before you start seeing me and Moot on t-shirts and apparel, lunch kits, bags, bedding, stationery and more.

I am so very excited and honored, as you can imagine, but even moreso because while I was at the show, I got to meet the one and only TONY CURTIS, who was there celebrating his 84th birthday!! Mr. Curtis was such a gentleman and a true charmer, and he kept making Moot laugh. His artwork, which was also on display, was just so sweet.

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1st-ever Lolligag Animated Short — Sneak Peek!

It’s only a matter of time before the debut of the FIRST-EVER LOLLIGAG animated short debuts! I am finalizing the animated bits, adding an extra touch of sweetness here and a dash of cuteness there. I promise, it will be worth the wait. Until then, check out a quick screenshot here:! And stay tuned for more details.